Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to Smile. Is it like riding a bike?

A good life is full of sparks. The more sparks, the more light. The more light, the more clearly you see where you are and where you're going. You can only lose so many of the big sparks in your life before things begin to dim. If too many sparks go out in too short a time, you're left squinting in darkness, unsure of your place, unsure of your direction, waiting for your sight to adjust. And sometimes that takes a while. When a big, bright, beautiful, explosive ball of fire goes out, we're left entirely blind for a time.

So I've been struggling with my vision for a while. But it's okay.

The good news is that the darker gets, the easier it is to see the light of smaller sparks, and there are always lots of small sparks. They are often things that go unnoticed or get taken for granted. Even though it's more difficult, and slower going, when it gets dark, it's important to refocus and keep moving forward using whatever light we can find.

Yes, I know it's starting to smell like cornbread in here. But ya know, who doesn't love cornbread? Shut up and have a slice.

Really all I want to say is I've recently started making some funny little paintings like the one above. In the past, making funny sidewalk drawings was something that I could do when other things were difficult. It ended up being a really positive experience that built friendships and community in a way I never expected. It brought some giant fireballs into my life. So I'm basing these paintings on the sidewalk drawings to see what happens. Hopefully, what happens is positive.

I'm looking for flint here.

P.S. If you read this, thank you.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bleeding Heart Highlight of the Day

At the closing of our tag sale this afternoon, my across the street neighbor, Nellie, called out in her tiny, accented voice, "Is your tag sale over?" I answered in the affirmative. She nodded and looked down over the handlebars of her tiny pink bike. I held up a handful of sparkly magic wands I'd made years ago and asked if she might like them. Her answer, "Yes, but I can't cross the street by myself." So much to her delight (and amusement), I delivered them (in bare feet across the burning pavement). "hothothothothot! ouchouchouchouchouch!" over and back. Giggles and big smiles.

Five minutes later, I hear, "Can I give you a special flower?" I look up and see Nellie at the edge of her lawn holding her little arm up in the air. I smile. "Yes! I'll come get it." A little more hot pavement and Nellie holds out her hand and explains, "It's special because it looks like a heart." I tell her it's beautiful and thank her excitedly before frying the soles of my feet for the fourth time. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Daily Detail 1

I've lost count of how many works in progress I have going and can barely remember the last time I called a piece finished. I tend to take quite a few closeup photos of tiny details as I work. Sometimes I think I like the details more than the work itself. So in the spirit of acceptance, I've decided to go ahead and share these details as I have them. Don't let the post title fool you, the chances of me posting here every day are about as slim as the chances of me ever finishing another piece of art. Anyway, here's a quick up-close shot of a work in progress.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feline Persistence and States of Consciousness

Good things, bad things, and whatever fits between, let's just keep getting up in the morning until the confusion goes away and we land for a more extended period on the preferred side of the spectrum. So said Buster! My nearly 16 year old cat who is also my dad reincarnated and one of the reasons I made it through the end of the last century, cut short my slumber this a.m. to ensure that my face and hands were as clean as a cat tongue could make them. I'm choosing to believe he did so because he was onto the fact that my dreams were not being especially kind to me, and he figured some down home feline caring was the best way to ease me into consciousness. To honor his great deed, here is a remarkable animation with the power to transport us all into a fantastical feline reality.


Saturday, May 25, 2013


Oh look. I'm back, and it's only been just over a week since last I spat whatever spittables I had into the ether. Ooooweee... nah skip it, I've got no energy for excitable exclamations today.

Before I forget, I know I left you wringing your hands in worry last time, but let me allay your fears. The chalk/sidewalk/kids in the public space thing I mentioned in my last post went well despite my ridiculously unpredictable state of mind. My lovely pal (M) accompanied me to the event and played the role of extrovert. With his gregarious ways and winning smile, M brought in the crowd so I was able to draw and chat more quietly with individual participants which was perfect. I met some very talented, very sweet kids and downright nice adults. Together, we brightened up the concrete and it made for quite a decent day.

Between then and now, I'm sure loads of other mentionables have occurred, and yet here I am without a memory of anything worth mentioning. When in doubt... talk about the weather? Sure. It's been raining for what seems like way too long. Everything is soaked through and the new worry is that mold may have actually made it's way through the blood brain barrier and sprouted a garden in the one place I'd rather it stay grey. If so, I guess at least something is blooming up there. How's that for reframing ye olde shitty perspective with a prettier slant, eh?

Motherofpearl, I should just go to sleep. There's always a chance tomorrow will be better than today.