Sunday, August 21, 2016

Painting in Progress

floral cat painting by ssstephg

Here's another painting in in progress from the cats and flowers series I mentioned previously. These paintings are all a mix of watercolor, gouache, and acrylic on paper. I've been doing lots of digital work in the last few months, so this is a nice change of pace. It feels good to loosen up and make a mess with paint.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

How About Some Paint?

painting of flowers and black cat by ssstephg

Here's a slightly blurry cellphone photo of a painting from a series I'm working on. I'm painting cats and flowers. I never thought I'd be doing work like this. For years, I made only abstract work with a focus on physical texture and a tendency to straddle the line between painting and sculpture. I had started to work on free-standing sculpture (there are a bunch standing in my studio waiting patiently for my attention) when life exploded in a giant shit-storm. 


For the next few years, my productivity sank like an anchor. When I started working again, it was mostly funny little characters--stuff I'd been drawing on the sidewalk with a bunch of people I loved... a couple of whom are no longer with us. I think what's happening is I am embracing something that feels like it will keep me from falling any further into something terrible, and hoping at the same time, it will spread some positivity. Does that explain it? It does to the best of my ability.

Why do I feel a need to explain? It's for my own benefit really. Healing, self-actualization, and all that stuff that makes life seem a little less like a broken ferris-wheel ride at the county fair with your gaslighting significant other.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Caturday Morning Viking Warrior

cat viking illustration by ssstephg

Oh hi there. Did you know Vikings did not actually wear horned helmets? Yeah well, it would be pretty impractical to fight while burdened with such cumbersome headgear now wouldn't it? They did, however, carry super cool shields which were quite possibly adorned with nifty symbols like runes and or Thor's hammer. And they were known to wear shield of awe symbols like the one above between their eyes, though it probably would have been on the inside of the helmet. The Viking flower is a type chrysanthemum. While it is a unique flower which adds an alluring appeal to any wedding bouquet, table centerpiece, or flower arrangement, it does not seem to have any connection to actual Vikings. At any rate, thank Odin for artistic license, without which, today's illustration would have been less fun to draw. Okay. Hope your Caturday is a good one. I'm off to find me a set o' floral horns cuz it just seems like a good idea. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Society6 Sale Update!

ssstephg's art samples links to her society6 sale page

The August artist promotion is on over at Society6 which means I can offer you free worldwide shipping AND 10% off any and all wall art in my shop if you click through either of the above links! Yay! Prints--framed or unframed, paper, metal or canvas, tapestries, and clocks are all included.
Happy August!

Digital cat Monday: Flaming Feline Eye

flaming cathead eye by ssStephG

Hope you had a good weekend. It rained here, so I spent time designing patterns and stuff like this flaming cat orb. It's a little like a feline Eye of Sauron only less evil, right?
You can find it in both my Society6 and Redbubble shops.
May your Monday be brilliant!