Monday, February 13, 2017

Digital Cat Monday Is Not Entirely Digital!

What do you get when you cross a spider, a cephalopod, and a cat?

This drawing I started with watercolor marker on paper. Then I scanned it and finished it up in photoshop. This was a nice change from what I've mostly been doing which is start to finish digital. Before I started making illustrations, 99% of the art I made was nonobjective and focused heavily on the physical materials used. Mixing various materials, allowing their particular physicality to remain while integrating it well enough to create a harmonious whole is something I've always enjoyed. That's what I was working toward here. I feel pretty good about the results. I was also trying to find a balance between cute and weird. That was a fun challenge. Both Pan and Chibi gave this the stamp of approval so I'll likely be making more illustrations in this direction.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 Things I Say to My Cat

I have two cats. They're still kittens technically. Pan is six months and Chibi is five. Even though we've only known each other for less than half a year, we've grown very close. I talk to my cats a lot. And they talk back. Well, not usually in words. They speak in actions. I mean, Pan squeaks a lot, and recently, Chibi has started squeaking a tiny bit. He seems to be learning from Pan. Most people are surprised to find that Pan is a black cat and Chibi is Siamese, since, as everyone has knows, Siamese cats talk a lot. Well, Chibi is the exception that proves the rule. He's practically mute. Anyway, this is a list of things I say to Chibi because there is just so much that needs to be said to Chibi as of late. He's going through a phase. It's sort of exhausting, too, seeing how I've misplaced both my voice and my ability to sleep. Also, it is by no means representative of the top ten things I say to him, although a few of these I do say with far more frequency than you might expect.

Now then, in no particular order:

1. Stop climbing the curtain.
2. No you can't have my granola. You have food in your bowl.
3. Hey. Off the counter. Now.
1. Please quit climbing the curtain.
4. Get out of the cupboard.
5. Stop eating that plant.
6. Please get out of the dryer. You're not even wet.
1. Down from the curtain.
7. May I have that sock back? Where's your jingle mouse?
8. No you can't get in the drawer. I'm closing it.
1. OMG get down from that curtain.
9. Is bath water really that delicious?
10. I don't think you want to get in. Please stay on the side of the tub, okay? Please?
1. Would you PLEASE get down from that almighty frickety fracking curtain?!!


I hope you don't feel cheated out of the two minutes it took you to read this and scan the accompanying photos of terrible quality. If you do, well maybe next time you'll use better judgment. I mean read the title for Pete's sake. Ain't no false advertising there. What did you expect? I only wrote this because I was literally (not figuratively) up all night with insomnia and felt I needed a way to focus my thoughts so they didn't spiral out of control and turn me into a sobbing, raging puddle on the floor. And look. I did it. Go me. Still holding it together by a thread. Oh no wait. That's cat fur.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Digital Cat Monday: OmniCat


If there is an almighty being, I bet it's a cat. If you're a cat person, maybe you agree. If you're not a cat person, why are you here? Really, I'm curious. You can let me know in the comments. Or keep up the silent stalking. That's cool, too. 
I haven't figured that one out yet--the why am I here thing. I met someone once who claimed she had the answer, but then refused to share it. That just made me figure she's chosen her own purpose for being--to annoy others. Well, whatever.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Feathered Hellfire Floral

It's cold as fuck and I hate the darkness. BUT... the days are getting longer and I have my cats to keep me warm. The three of us try to sneak in a little bird watching together time here and there during the few hours of daylight we get. I don't understand how those birds don't freeze in this arctic weather. They're so tiny! And it's so cold! Maybe they have tiny fires in their pudgy little bellies to keep them from turning into cocksicles. (I know they're not roosters, although we do have chickens that run through the yard occasionally in nice weather. Cocksicles just sounds better than birdsicles. Plus, 2017 is the year of the rooster.) Yeah, maybe they're minions of Satan staying alive through the powers of hellfire.

Whelp, that's what this illustration is all about--Satan and his feathered fire-eating army. I'm working on a handful of things like this in anticipation of fairer weather. Tryna stay warm and positive. My goal is to redirect my focus to better things in order to "stay afloat" until the ground thaws and the rabbits come back to eat my seedlings. Wish me luck!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Fox

One night over the summer, I saw three fox kits by the side of the road. Another day while we were on a walk, my friend saw a grown fox in a clearing off to the side of the same road. We learned from our neighbor that there's a mated fox couple living in the woods in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is tiny. It's just outside of town and is abutted by woods so there's quite a lot of wildlife here. 

My old neighborhood was not nearly as rural, so it's kind of funny that I saw just as much wildlife there. Maybe that was because my old city lay between a mountain and a river. My friend and I saw foxes a handful of times while walking through the city. We had all sorts of visitors in our back yard from raccoons to skunks to hawks and even a fishercat that showed up and scared the crap out of me with it's screaming late, late at night one week. It was even common to see bald eagles flying overhead on their way down to the river or up to the cliffs.

Well anyway, I've finally gotten back to and finished this drawing I started months ago. It's inspired by the foxes I've seen and the many, many tales about foxes in folklore and mythology. In all the stories I've read, foxes are highly intelligent and often have magical powers. Sometimes the fox is a mischievous trickster, and sometimes a loyal companion. I titled this "Kitsune" which is a Japanese word for fox because I like the Japanese stories I've read and the references in anime, too. The round thing at the bottom is a hoshi no tama--a magical gem said to hold the soul or life force of a fox. The fox carries it everywhere and if it's stolen, he will do anything to get it back because if he's separated from it for too long, he will die.

I'm tired even though I took a two hour nap earlier and slept a perfectly reasonable amount last night. Maybe my soul was attached to some random object I got rid of when we moved and my life is slowly burning out. That must be it. There's nothing else to explain this fatigue.

Good night.