Monday, September 12, 2016

Digital Cat Monday: Abstracted Felines

framed art print by ssStephG

The design above is part of a series of abstractions I'm working on right now. There are currently four images--two designs in two different color/pattern combos and more in the works. I'm excited about how these are working out. They're a significant step forward in terms of bridging my nonobjective work with the illustrative stuff I've been making more recently. They're also a return to addressing some formal issues I was focused on a few years back in work that never fully came to fruition before being set aside.

These designs are being produced as limited edition prints exclusively by Curioos. Each print is offered in several different forms--on paper, canvas, aluminum, and acrylic. They're also available in a really cool round metal disc format.

God of the Wild

I hired a new studio assistant. His name is Pan, like the Greek god. He's helping me organize and refocus so I can free up more time to spend on things like blogging and finishing those freestanding sculptures taking up prime real estate in the southwest corner of my studio. He started on August 28. What? Oh. Yeah, I know I've been blogging a little less frequently in the past few weeks. Well, no... I haven't finished those sculptures yet.


It's not that Pan isn't working out. It's just... he's had some heath issues. He was travelling quite a bit before he came to work for me and once he got here, we noticed some odd symptoms. Turns out, somewhere along the way, he contracted a couple of parasites. So I've been helping him out when I can--making sure he gets his antibiotics, ensuring his diet stays consistent so as not to worsen his condition, cleaning up when digestive problems get the better of him. The good news is that things are definitely improving. His belly doesn't feel nearly as distended when I rub it and his BMs are finally solid most of the time! Here he is taking a little time to recover from the trauma of ear drops which he gets every morning to rid him of mites. you can see his ears are still a little wet. Poor kid.

Pan the kitten
my new studio assistant, Pan
Anyhow, I will post more art soon. I just wanted to catch up a bit and introduce Pan first. Despite the few snags and bumps we've encountered during his easing in to this new position, his insight is like no other, and I foresee him becoming a permanent, integral member of the team.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Caturday Tarot Reading: King of Wands on the Table Again

Kitten as king of Wands knocking over vase illustration by ssStephG

King of Wands signifies a powerful risk taker. one who combines the leadership and focus of a king with the energy of fire and the power of a lion. He is a passionate visionary, a man of action who relishes a great challenge and delights in victory.

Do you have to be a cat person to appreciate this illustration? Maybe not, but I think it may help.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Painting in Progress

floral cat painting by ssstephg

Here's another painting in in progress from the cats and flowers series I mentioned previously. These paintings are all a mix of watercolor, gouache, and acrylic on paper. I've been doing lots of digital work in the last few months, so this is a nice change of pace. It feels good to loosen up and make a mess with paint.