Thursday, December 1, 2016

Celestial Cats Are Here to Help!

New in my Redbubble--Celestial Cat Calendars! Yay! Twelve celestial cats to help you through your next journey around the sun! Each month is a different cat portrait from my Celestial Cat series. Here's a peak at the front and back covers. Follow this link to see the rest and place an order. They make great gifts. The best gifts! They're terrific! Eheheh, just havin a lil fun there. Don't hate me because of my terrible Trump impersonation. There are so many better reasons to hate me. Pick a good one.

 Okay that's it. Just sharing my excitement at being able to offer you feline revolutionary assistance.

Love and peace,

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Felines, Sleep, and Junk Food

My cat kisses me on the lips and eats potato chips with me at 3 a.m. when I can't sleep and everything sucks so hard further upsetting my stomach seems like the only course of action. He's supportive as hell. He's even trying to help me write this post. We haven't known each other long (three months), but we're tight. And this is partly why I spend so much time drawing cats these days. I know at some point I will dive back in to abstraction, but for now, I'm all about the felines. 

Mew drawing:

siamese kitten in patterned xmas stocking hanging next to candy canes illustration by ssstephg

This is my cat, not the one who eats chips with me when the world is falling apart and insomnia won't let me forget it. This is my other cat. He's a bit younger and a lot tinier than potato chip cat. Potato chip cat is Pan--like the Greek god of the wild. Littler kitty, the one in this drawing, is Chibi. Chibi is sweet and crazy and I love him even though he's not my junk food buddy. Chibi crawls up on my chest and purrs in my face at night when I can't fall asleep.

Maybe I need to try sleeping in chunks throughout the day and night like a cat. If that works, I may also start jumping into nice peoples' laps and pissing on fools when they irk me.

Hope the holidays season is treating you right!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Good Will to All

safety pin illustration to support safety for all people

The other day I read an article that admonished white people for wearing safety pins. 

Safety pins became a symbol of support for immigrants in the UK when hate crimes escalated after the Brexit vote. People began wearing safety pins to show solidarity with immigrants. It was started by an American woman living in London. It's a symbols that says, "I support you. I am an ally." It lets people who are living in fear for their safety know that you are not a threat. It lets people who are scared while out in public know that others are around who care and are willing to help if the need arises. It's a good thing.

There are already too many hate crimes in the US, and it's getting worse. People here are starting to wear safety pins for these reasons. Again, it's a good thing. There are also concrete actions we can take to work toward making our society a kinder, safer place for everyone. This needs to happen. The article I mentioned above was written to stress that it's not okay to accept things as they are. Wearing a symbol should not ease our conscience so that we can accept horrifying realities. It does not excuse us from further action.

It was with that in mind that I drew the image above. I figure it's one tiny thing I can do right now. I drew it to share with anyone who would like to use it to show solidarity. You can download it and use it as a social media avatar. Set it as your desktop background to remind yourself people support you or to remind yourself to support others. You can print it and use it as stationery; write a letter of support and encouragement on the back to a friend or acquaintance who may be feeling scared and alone. Write a letter to your elected representatives urging them to denounce the inclusion in our government of people known to harbor racist, anti-human ideals and in support of legislation that dismantles systems of oppression and moves us toward building a world where all people belong and feel safe. Print it out and tack it up at home or on a bulletin board if you work or volunteer in a place where people would appreciate it as a positive symbol of that space as a safe haven for everyone. Use it to discourage hate speech and hateful behavior. Use it to help. 

I've uploaded a zip file containing the large jpeg file and a couple of smaller ones to Dropbox. Click here to download. The largest file is pretty big--40 x 40 inches at 300 dpi. You can use your printer settings to resize any of them smaller.

I hope this helps in at least some small way.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Drawing as Meditation and Wisdom a la Bob Barker

"Steph! Where have you been?!"

"Look, anxiety got the better of me and I've been hiding under the bed for a while."
*Brushes dust-bunny from hair.

"But I see you posting on instagram!"

"If only the whole world were as easy to navigate as instagram." 
*Holds up kitten photo.
"Big news! My studio assistant is getting neutered today!"
*Crawls back under bed, returns to deep breathing.

Awkward silence...

On the bright side, new art!

illustration of kitten angels and owls trimming xmas tree in forest by ssstephg
Woodland Tree Trimming

I'm working on holiday stuff. I know it's not even Halloween yet, but it just started snowing here so I'm taking that as a sign that my timing is perfect. These designs are available on merchandise in my Society6 and Redbubble.  I'm also thinking of making them available as cards on Thortful--the mega-convenient app where they'll mail the card for you and you can even upload a handwritten message for the inside. Oooh cool!

Yeah... well, enough words. 
Second image:

kitten angels and kittens in pajamas around the christmas tree illustrations by ssstephg
Catmas Morning

Okay, back to breathing and drawing. Have a wonderful day! 
Love and kittens to you all. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Digital Cat Monday: Abstracted Felines

framed art print by ssStephG

The design above is part of a series of abstractions I'm working on right now. There are currently four images--two designs in two different color/pattern combos and more in the works. I'm excited about how these are working out. They're a significant step forward in terms of bridging my nonobjective work with the illustrative stuff I've been making more recently. They're also a return to addressing some formal issues I was focused on a few years back in work that never fully came to fruition before being set aside.

These designs are being produced as limited edition prints exclusively by Curioos. Each print is offered in several different forms--on paper, canvas, aluminum, and acrylic. They're also available in a really cool round metal disc format.