Saturday, May 25, 2013


Oh look. I'm back, and it's only been just over a week since last I spat whatever spittables I had into the ether. Ooooweee... nah skip it, I've got no energy for excitable exclamations today.

Before I forget, I know I left you wringing your hands in worry last time, but let me allay your fears. The chalk/sidewalk/kids in the public space thing I mentioned in my last post went well despite my ridiculously unpredictable state of mind. My lovely pal (M) accompanied me to the event and played the role of extrovert. With his gregarious ways and winning smile, M brought in the crowd so I was able to draw and chat more quietly with individual participants which was perfect. I met some very talented, very sweet kids and downright nice adults. Together, we brightened up the concrete and it made for quite a decent day.

Between then and now, I'm sure loads of other mentionables have occurred, and yet here I am without a memory of anything worth mentioning. When in doubt... talk about the weather? Sure. It's been raining for what seems like way too long. Everything is soaked through and the new worry is that mold may have actually made it's way through the blood brain barrier and sprouted a garden in the one place I'd rather it stay grey. If so, I guess at least something is blooming up there. How's that for reframing ye olde shitty perspective with a prettier slant, eh?

Motherofpearl, I should just go to sleep. There's always a chance tomorrow will be better than today.


(M) said...

The Grey Gardens of your mind are a delight unto mine soul. Keep it grey, baybay!

Steph G said...

I love you, (M).