Sunday, January 8, 2017

Feathered Hellfire Floral

It's cold as fuck and I hate the darkness. BUT... the days are getting longer and I have my cats to keep me warm. The three of us try to sneak in a little bird watching together time here and there during the few hours of daylight we get. I don't understand how those birds don't freeze in this arctic weather. They're so tiny! And it's so cold! Maybe they have tiny fires in their pudgy little bellies to keep them from turning into cocksicles. (I know they're not roosters, although we do have chickens that run through the yard occasionally in nice weather. Cocksicles just sounds better than birdsicles. Plus, 2017 is the year of the rooster.) Yeah, maybe they're minions of Satan staying alive through the powers of hellfire.

Whelp, that's what this illustration is all about--Satan and his feathered fire-eating army. I'm working on a handful of things like this in anticipation of fairer weather. Tryna stay warm and positive. My goal is to redirect my focus to better things in order to "stay afloat" until the ground thaws and the rabbits come back to eat my seedlings. Wish me luck!


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