Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Happy Summer

Wow, that was fast! Spring is gone and summer is happening! I guess I got so into the wonderfully defrosted world I forgot to check in with the virtual one. Ah well. Here's a tiny fraction of what I've been up to while not keeping up with this blog.

You remember my studio assistants--Pan and Chibi, right? Well, I started a series of lifestyle drawings featuring my furry little friends. The images feature Pan and Chibi swimming, gardening, dancing, and advocating for equal rights. Love and pride!!! The original works are done in sharpie which I love for fun, spontaneous drawing. I've taken the first six and made them into greeting cards. You can purchase them through my etsy shop--Sidewalk167.

love and pride cat greeting cards by ssStephG from Sidewalk167 on etsy

Hope you're having a great summer!
Love and sunlight,

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